Cinemas in Hyderabad

Among the various modes of entertainment, Cinema in Hyderabad is an integral part of people's life. Every year a large amount of India's national income is drawn from the Telugu film industry. Spreading over the city of Hyderabad there are several cinema halls.

Amaravathi 70mm is one of the popular cinemas in Hyderabad. Catering to a large mass, the cinema projects a new film with every Friday release. There is a snack stand within the hall premises that keeps several snacks that would help you keep munching while you are watching films.

Amba 70mm is another cinema in Hyderabad visited widely by the locals. The cinema hall only screens Telugu films and is located in the congested area of Mehdipatnam area. All the latest Telugu releases are screened here and is visited by large flock as this is the only movie hall present here. With a number of junior and engineering colleges in the vicinity, the main crowds of the cinema are students.

Sandhya 35 MM is regarded as one of the best cinemas in Andhra Pradesh. Located at Chikkadapalli Hyderabad, Sandhya 35 MM has a Dolby Digital Surround Ex sound system which provides an excellent sound effect. The Xenon lab projection of the cinema is unique of its kind.

Prasads Multiplex
and PVR chain of cinema halls are the two multiplexes of the city. The PVR multiplex is housed by the Hyderabad Central Mall in Punjagutta. There are a total number of five screens with very comfortable seating arrangements. Prasads Multiplex launched the first IMAX theatre in south India. This is the largest 3-D IMAX screen in the world located at the heart of the city on the banks of Hussain Sagar Lake.

Among the various other cinemas in Hyderabad, some of the notable ones are: Sandhya 70mm, Sudarshan 70mm, Sudarshan 35mm , Devi 70mm etc.
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